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About Home for Skateboarding

Our South Carolina organization was founded by Bo Mitchell, who is an actor and entrepreneur. After playing such roles as Wayne Powers on HBO's™ hit television show, Eastbound and Down, Bo decided to use the connection he had made as an actor and a professional skater to help our community.

Bo has been passionate about skateboarding since he was a child. He grew up in Aiken, and knew that there was no place for children to practice skateboarding in the area. He started our skate park as a way to give back to the children in the community.

He has turned Home for Skateboarding into an amazing place where children and teens are able to interact with and learn from their idols. He uses his connections to get popular skaters to visit, talk to the skaters, and show them tricks.

We also give these children a chance to become professional skaters. We work with young skaters who have the talent and the drive to make this their career, and we introduce them to sponsors. We even take them to other states, such as California, for competitions.

The most important thing we do for these children is to give them a safe haven. We get them off the streets and introduce them to the right type of skaters. We have worked hard to create a brotherhood of skaters that our local children are able to rely on and trust.

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Bo and Young Skater